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General Bible Commentaries

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Isaiah- Bible Commentary (Everymans Bible Commentaries) by Martin Alfred

Designed for laypeople, these commentaries deal with the biblical text without being overly technical. Introductory information, doctrinal themes, problem passages, and practical applications are examined.

Written by forty-eight leading Bible scholars.

You love God. You long to know Him more intimately, to see Him face to face. Now is the time to dig deeper into the Scriptures, to see the Bible come alive for you.

Effectively minister from the book of Romans as it comes alive in this verse by verse commentary.

The Epistle to the Romans is a valuable tool for theological study, referencing, bible study, sermon preparation, teaching, and instruction, as well as a tremendous source for personal enrichment.

End the frustration of being unable to find information when you need it.

Acclaimed Bible teacher Warren Wiersbe takes you through each book of the Bible, chapter by chapter, and makes it easy to locate a Scripture, find a biblical word definition, or get a historical fact.

It is up to date in its discussion of theological and critical issues and thoroughly evangelical in its viewpoint.

To keep pace with current evangelical scholarship and resources, the Gold Medallion Award-winning Expositor's Bible Commentary has been revised and updated. This volume covers Romans and Galatians.

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Purchase the entire five-volume set or collect them individually as your study progresses.

Volume 2 of the 5 volume Thru the Bible commentary series, this commentary gives you invaluable insight from the book of Joshua through the Psalms. Check out the other volumes in this series too!



What the World Is Coming to by Chuck Smith

What is the world coming to? The answer is documented in the book of Revelation: a prophetic and unerring account of the final days of man upon the earth and the momentous events to follow.

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A searchable CD-ROM for easy research and study.

Here in two volumes is all the exciting, life-changing truth of the Scriptures wrapped in the warm, personal wisdom of one of America's best-known Bible teachers, Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe.

Previously titled Revelation Illustrated and Made Plain.

The Biblical Foundation for the Best-selling Left Behind Series. With simple and accessible language, Revelation Unveiled will help you better understand this mysterious, final book of the Bible and its implications.